Dyed Grey Hair On Hide 20x20"
Leather Multi Stripe Pillows
Leather Multi Stripe Pillows Dyed Grey Hair On Hide 20x20 Natural Grey Hair On Hide 20x20 Natural White Hair On Hide 20x20 Dark Beige Suede Fringe 20x20 Black Goat Leather 12x20 Sand Goat Leather 12x20 Bronze Leather 20x20 Dull Silver Leather 20x20 Vintage Grey Distressed Leather 15x22 Vintage Copper Leather 20x20 Vintage Gold Leather 20x20 Harley Tan Cowhide 20x20 Diana Blue and White Leather 12x20 Harley Blue and White Leather 20x20 Vintage Grey Distressed Leather 20x20 Vintage Chestnut Distressed Leather 15x23 Vintage Chestnut Distressed Leather 20x20 Suede Cowhide Camel Double-Sided 15x23 Suede Cowhide Light Beige Double-Sided 15x23 Giselle Olive 12x20 Giselle Olive 20x20 Giselle Tan 12x20 Giselle Tan 20x20 Ombre Grey 12x20 Ombre Grey 20x20 Ombre Brown 12x20 Ombre Brown 20x20 Tweed Dark Grey 12x20 Tweed Light Grey 12x20 Tweed Brown 12x20 Multi Stripe 12x20 Multi Stripe 20x20
Leather Multi Stripe Pillows


Our Leather Pillows will add style and luxury to both traditional and contemporary decor. Available in a wide variety of colors, it is not uncommon to see these attractive decorative cushions featured in many of the finest home publications.

12" x 20" or 30cm x 51cm
20" x 20" or 51cm x 51cm
15" x 22" or 38cm x 56cm
15" x 23" or 38cm x 58cm

Color swatch