Origins of Fibre

Born of a belief in the capacity for nature's textures to enhance your living space, Fibre is about celebrating the beauty of nature's materials. Quite simply, we don't like synthetics. Instead, we are passionate about the softness, warmth, insulation and breathability that natural wool provides.

Below is a short video (1:09) about Fibre by Auskin.

Sourced from the high country farms of Australia and New Zealand, Fibre sheepskins are carefully selected for our interior design pieces for their quality and texture. Feel the irresistible softness of Fibre next to your skin... celebrate nature.


Here at the edge of the world, the contrasts and extremes of our natural environment define our lifestyle. From the sky-scraping mountains to the quick-changing weather, living Downunder means being adaptable, innovative and enduring. By utilizing a sustainable framework in the production of Fibre designs, we ensure we take care of the beautiful Pacific backcountry that provides our renewable raw material.

Fibre woolskins are sourced from sheep stations in Australia and New Zealand, chosen for their commitment to sustainable farming practices and high calibre of fleece. Sheepskin is a totally renewable resource and Fibre is committed to sustainable business practices during its processing stages.

Natural Wool

The fiber
Fine natural sheepswool provides a soft, versatile, breathable, insulating and safe raw material that cannot be replicated.

Grown on the verdant hinterlands of Australia and New Zealand, our source material couldn't be more clean, green and natural. Being a natural fiber, sheepswool is a renewable resource that will biodegrade as organic material.

Unlike petroleum-based synthetic materials, sheepswool is silky soft, designed by nature to the highest specification since the beginning of time. Nothing feels quite the same as natural wool. Feel the texture of a Fibre rug beneath your toes and you will know what we are talking about.

The natural crimp and staple of wool fibers provide durability and resilience. Wool can be stretched or crinkled and will bounce back to its original shape. Being moisture and stain repellent, wool provides an optimal interior design material. Furthermore, wool naturally resists static, dirt and dust. Outliving synthetic substitutes that soon look tired and dated, a sheepswool rug will age gracefully over time like a fine wine or an elegant leather sofa.

Sheepswool is naturally warm, responding to and regulating the atmosphere of your living space by absorbing and expelling moisture. With its unique insulation properties, it makes sense to utilize the adaptable, warm fleece of Australian and New Zealand sheepskin for Fibre products.

With its complex structure, nature has designed sheepswool to wick away moisture. This does not occur in plastic-based polyester. Compare an authentic Fibre sheepskin rug with the feel of a 'lookalike' faux woollen rug and you'll notice the difference.

With fire resistance and anti-static properties, wool is the ultimate material for the luxurious range of durable, designer Fibre products. Synthetics, on the other hand, can be highly flammable and may cause minor electric shocks when touched.

The Meaning of Fibre

Designed by nature, Fibre products combine the luxurious texture and tenacity of sheepswool with cutting-edge design to bring you freshness of form and functionality.

Adding softness, warmth and tactile decadence to your living space, Fibre enhances both traditional and contemporary d├ęcor.

Auskin Group

Tanner, Manufacturer & Global Distributor of Sheepskin Products

Auskin Group sources, tans, designs, manufactures and distributes stunning sheepskin products all around the world.

Auskin Group are passionate about the unique properties of sheepskin and other natural fibers.

We are committed to building a sustainable business that benefits all our stakeholders; our suppliers, our employees, our customers and the wider communities we work in.

Auskin is a global company with a local presence.

We have people on the ground, all around the world, to support our customers.

Combining Local Skills Across the Globe

From small beginnings in Australia, Auskin has grown into a global group pushing the boundaries of sheepskin production and design.

We have come a long way from our origins, as a small business based on Australia's Gold Coast, to become acknowledged leaders in the design and production of the highest quality lambskin and sheepskin products.

Auskin Today / Global Company + Local Presence

Still headquartered in Australia, we now operate on a global scale with raw material purchasing in New Zealand and Australia; tanning, manufacturing and design facilities in China; and sales offices in the USA, Europe, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand.

The global team turn Australasian wool skins and other natural raw material from around the world (such as Alpaca wool from South America) into natural fiber and sheepskin products that your local sales office can introduce you to.