Longwool Sheepskin Pillows
Longwool Sheepskin Pillows
Longwool Sheepskin Pillows Dark Linen 11 x 22 Dark Linen 20” x 20 Black 20 x 20 Ivory 11 x 22 Ivory 20 x 20 Steel 11 x 22 Taupe 11 x 22 Vole 11 x 22 Steel 20 x 20 Taupe 20 x 20 Vole 20 x 20 Longwool Sheepskin Cushion
Longwool Sheepskin Pillows


Our Longwool Sheepskin Pillows will add style and luxury to both traditional and contemporary decor. Available in a wide variety of colors, it is not uncommon to see these attractive decorative pillows featured in many of the finest home publications.

The 11x22 Kidney Sheepskin Pillow has become one of our most popular sellers. They fit into the perfect space in your favorite couch or chair.

11" x 22" or 28cm x 56cm
20” x 20” or 51cm x 51cm

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