Plaid Linen & Wool Throw
Plaid Linen & Wool Throw
Plaid Linen & Wool Throw Vintage Linen & Wool Throw Plaid Tan & White Vintage Brown & White Sojourn Linen, Silk & Wool Throw Safari Linen, Silk & Wool Throw Mojave Linen, Silk & Wool Throw Linen, Silk & Wool Throws
Plaid Linen & Wool Throw


Fibre by Auskin natural throws available in wools, linens and other natural fibers are the epitome of warmth and coziness. Generously sized to fit in any living room or bedroom, try one today or these are a perfect gift for anyone you love.

Styles / Materials
Plaid Linen & Wool
Vintage Linen & Wool
Linen, Silk & Wool

51x75" / 130x190cm (Plaid & Vintage styles)
51x59" / 130x150cm (Linen, Silk & Wool styles)

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