Comfortable Seating

Comfortable seating is a mission for Fibre by Auskin!

Fibre by Auskin is the trusted supplier of home accessories, with design, style and fantastic customer service. We have a wide range of décor products that are both beautiful and useful. Pillows and throws, as accessories to our line, have grown astronomically. We are now accessorizing homes around the world with pillows made from Sheepskin, Tibetan lamb and Alpaca fibres as well as Cowhide, and Camel hair. We are also comforting people with luxurious throws made with 100% Alpaca wool and other fabulous fibres from around the world. But our most exciting area for the future is comfort seating. Fibre by Auskin makes wonderfully soft and luxurious bean bags, including the 3ft and super-large 6ft bean bags in a variety of colors and wool types.

Comfortable seating is our mission

Comfortable seating

With Tibetan lamb, short wool, and long wool sheepskin beanbags, we have combined style and comfort for all.

And don't forget our cubes! With sheepskin on the top and sides and a resilient foam core, these cubes are wonderful in any space. Perfect as an ottoman or for seating, these unique products are ideal for any space.

Single cube

Cube and chair

Apart from selling made goods, we offer materials to help manufacture the ideal seat. Tibetan lamb has surged in markets from home décor to high fashion. Tibetan lamb's signature corkscrew wool is the focus of this trendy chair.

Tibetan lambskin

This product captures a wonderful mix of contemporary and retro features with a dash of pure luxury. Fibre by Auskin does not sell this chair, but with a simple call to our toll-free number, 1-888-528-7546, we can direct you to this retailer.

While Tibetan Lamb is attractive to some, the Scandinavian look has been celebrated for years and is still prominent today. Available in long and short wool, these curly skins add texture while keeping with the simplicity that is synonymous with Scandinavian lifestyle and décor. The organic vibe of these skins offers softness and warmth that compliments Scandi minimalism but offers maximum comfort! Contact Fibre by Auskin to get in touch with retailers who can help you hygge up your space.

What is hygge? Click the links below to find out!

Fibre by Auskin keeps things new and fresh by offering new colors and products to stay on trend. In addition to adding softness and beauty to the home, Fibre by Auskin adds practicality with our range of stools and ottomans.

The soft-sided ottomans below are perfect for any room. Their lightweight form makes them easy to move. Their neutral color pallet keeps them timeless. Whether used for seating or to kick your feet up these new ottomans are stylish and comfortable. They're brand new, so our stocks are limited. Two size options available: large and small. Available in combed and curly short wool sheepskin.

Two ottomans

Also soft-sided, our new leather ottomans are exciting and unique. They are a great stand-alone piece in your child's room, a dorm or the family and game room.

Three ottomans

When Fibre was curating a line of Icelandic sheepskin poufs, we wanted to offer pieces that were one of a kind, but worked with any décor. Our Icelandic pouf is available in a range of dyed and undyed colors and sizes. Auskin is embracing natural variation and showing the beautiful individuality. The transitional collection is soft-sided, the ideal seat in any setting.

If you are looking for something with a bit more structure, look no further. Auskin introduces new, wood and wool stools. The handsome stools use traditional long wool sheepskin and Tibetan lamb materials. Their wood legs and foam seat provide support and stability. These charming stools fit seamlessly with any décor.

Light dark

In addition to ottomans and stools, Fibre by Auskin offers a collection of floor cushions. Great for lounging, these floor cushions are plush and luxurious. Their low profile and lightweight construction make them optimal for any room, yet easily moved so you can take them with you from room to room. Perfect for studying, laying in front of the fire or watching a movie, Fibre by Auskin offers floor cushions in sheepskin, Tibetan lamb and alpaca.

Cushion stack

If you do not see what you are looking for on our website, please call or email and we will help you directly with your specialty items.

Small and big

Enjoy the view

Get comfortable with Fibre by Auskin. We want you to enjoy comfort seating almost anywhere!

The Oprah Magazine “O”

“O-MY” Fibre by Auskin is in the news again!

Fibre by Auskin is routinely featured on television programs and in magazines. One of the most exciting things in 2019 was our products appearance in Oprah’s publication “O”.

We will have other features throughout the year in media but you can be confident that Fibre by Auskin will continue to bring our customers on trend and beautiful natural products throughout the year.

Fibre by Auskin in The Oprah Magazine

The Perfect Complement

Fibre by Auskin products are the perfect complement to any home throughout the year!

A sheepskin is always in style. Apart from being your favorite home accessory, Fibre by Auskin products are the ideal way to make your perfect winter wonderland. Check out these cozy cold weather looks for inspiration.

Fibre by Auskin products

The perfect complement to any home

Your favorite home accessory

Our natural shaped, pelted rugs create a simple and relaxed feel. We offer Singles, Doubles, Quartos, Sextos and Octos, all of which are a great way to make your home more inviting and comfortable. Whether they are used as a rug on the floor or as throw over a chair, they always look great. Also offering warmth and softness, the rugs a welcome retreat from the snow and frosty weather!

A simple and relaxed feel

The Icelandic Sheepskin evokes a more rustic, Scandinavian feel. Pop these shaggy pelts over chairs in front of the outdoor fire pit and you’re in hygge* heaven. A hot coffee or boozy cocoa will never be more thoroughly enjoyed.

Icelandic Sheepskin

And of course, the ultimate in comfort, the Fibre by Auskin beanbag! Whether you are recovering from a long day of skiing or boarding or enjoying a fire on a chilly night, the bean bag is the best seat in the house. If you want to take relaxing to the next level, wrap up in one of our many 100% alpaca throws. Not only are these great for warmth and comfort, they are stylish and practical. Our alpaca throws are also a great gift!

Fibre by Auskin beanbag

Always remember, you can make any room in your home more special with Fibre by Auskin.

For more year-round looks and style tips, check out how our products on the hit 'Animal Planet' show, Tree House Masters. For years, Fibre by Auskin has been working with Tree House Masters helping to accent the amazing spaces Pete Nelson and his team create. Head over to Animal Planet to see previous episodes!

Tree House Masters

Tree House Masters on Animal Planet

*Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

Soft and Cuddly

More Soft and Cuddly than your average Electronic Device.

If you are looking for a great holiday gift for the family, that is not the latest electronic, I would consider the offerings of Fibre by Auskin. Made from natural fibres, in a broad range of colors and stylings, Fibre by Auskin offers gifts for cuddling up in your favorite chair, accessorizing any room, and making seating even cozier. All while offering luxury to the family looking to spend more time together.

Let's begin with cuddling. The holidays are a time to recharge your batteries, spend time with family and finally put your feet up from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Fibre's collection of throws are the perfect item to make nestling with your favorite book or reading your child a story, even better. The soft texture and elegance of these products are unmatched. You will find many of these throws so flexible, warm and lightweight; they can accompany you for a night out of the town.

Mom and daughter


Home decor knows no season, and nothing compliments a room more than a Fibre by Auskin accent cushion. Fibre offers a varied assortment of cushions; from traditional sheepskin to exotic long wool Tibetan lamb to traditional and laser-cut cowhide pillows.

Cowhide pillows

Having fun while sitting around has never been easier than with Fibre by AUSKIN's collection of Bean Bags. Anyone in the family will love sinking into a beanbag to enjoy a favorite Christmas Special or listening to the sounds of the season. Getting off your feet and cuddling up for a nap is made easy; please, just set your alarm clock if your food is in the oven! We wouldn't want to be blamed for a cooking mishap related to any well-deserved rest, taken by the chief cook.


Finally, Fibre by AUSKIN's natural shaped area rugs are a perfect complement when having a family game night. We have heard so much about the Millennial edition of Monopoly, but there are many more classic games that can be enjoyed on a sheepskin rug. The entire family might settle in on an Octo 8 piece rug before or after opening presents; a sheepskin rug will create a luxurious spot for all to gather and enjoy the season.

Sheepskin rug


Fibre by AUSKIN is always available to assist customers, new or old, with purchasing throughout the year. If you have questions regarding your order, please don't hesitate to call toll free so we can assist you. 1-888-528-7546.

Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, we love them all, enjoy the season to the fullest.

Treehouse Masters – Episode 611

Premiered on 9/15/17 – Season 9, Episode 8

When Grace Vanderwaal - a singer, songwriter, and ukulele marvel - won America's Got Talent, she said she wanted a "sick" treehouse. Pete Nelson heard her loud and clear! He and his crew build not one, but TWO treehouses for the 13-year-old musical wonder. Fibre by Auskin’s sheepskin rugs and pillows were highlighted in the shows episode, adding a touch of softness and warmth to Grace’s treehouse. AUSKIN has been a regular contributor to this exciting Animal Planet program providing luxurious items to many of these amazing creations by Pete Nelson and his crew.

Watch the Full Episode on Animal Planet

Scandinavian Interior Design

Blog by: Fiber Queen

There are many interior design looks out there these days; ultra-contemporary, traditional and modern to name a few. The newest trend is the laid-back clean look of the Scandinavian interior. Accenting this new trend are Icelandic sheepskins. These are known for their large size, soft leather and very long and shaggy wool.

These hides, rugs and pillows add a softer texture to the crisp look of the Nordic design. There are even retail stores that specialize in strictly Scandinavian furniture and accessories. When looking for the beautiful hides associated with this design, look no further than Fibre by Auskin.

They have carefully chosen the best hides that the Arctic region of Europe has to offer. Most of their rugs are natural in color, without dyeing, to keep the natural beauty of the wool color. They are multi-colored and so incredibly soft! If you are looking to add some zest to your room, try adding a touch of Scandinavian luxury and see the beauty emerge in your room.

More blogs below for ideas of decorating with Arctic sheepskins...

The Life Creative Blog / The Icelandic Sheepskin: Your Home’s Most Versatile Winter Must-Have

From Moon to Moon / Sheepskin Rugs

Food 52 / 8 Reasons to Love Cozy, All-Natural Sheepskin

Sheepskin is going mainstream...

These days you will see Sheepskin and Tibetan lamb featured in architectural magazines, Home Improvement programs and even ads for NFL games. The most interesting trend however is the use of sheepskin and Tibetan lamb in some of the most stylish furniture designs in the market place.

Bronwen Footstool

View image source here


View image source here

Nerys Footstool

View image source here

Through Fibre by Auskin you can capture some of these trendy throw pillows, textured bean bags and exciting area rugs at The bean bags in particular offer a comfortable place to read a book while offering a stylish look to your favorite room in the house.

Fibre by Auskin Bean Bag

See Fibre by Auskin Bean Bags here

Fibre by Tibetan Throw Pillows

See Fibre by Auskin Tibetan Throw Pillows here

Featured on Treehouse Masters

We were proud to be chosen as a natural fiber vendor for the innovative television program TREEHOUSE MASTERS. Tory Jones, the designer, loved incorporating our fiber home décor collection of bean bags, alpaca throws and Tibetan lamb cushions with the natural wooden features of the hexagonal tree house build. A few of the featured items are found in the images shown here as well as a link to her online blog on Animal Planet

Fibre by Auskin on Treehouse Masters

Fibre by Auskin on Treehouse Masters

Fibre by Auskin on Treehouse Masters

Fibre by Auskin on Treehouse Masters

Visit / Treehouse Masters blog

Taxes, Chaos and Comfort...

By: Friendly Accountant for Fiber Queen

A month ago I finished wrapping up another year's journey through the tax code. YIKES. Though I am getting better at navigating the world of taxes I generally find the whole thing to be an arduous pain in the neck. I read just the other day the tax code is nearly 75,000 pages long! Even though Turbo Tax is amazing, give me a progressive flat tax. Perhaps tax reform may be something both parties could agree on this year.

Taxes, Chaos and Comfort

Where to spend my refund???

Well, on the positive side of things, the last few years have been more fruitful and I am pleased to say my credit cards are in check and I have my refund in hand thanks to electronic filing. Prior to beginning the annual tax return I had been thinking about things to beautify my home with my refund. I'm not a homebody but when I come home from a long day of work and activities with the kids, I want my home to be a refuge from chaos!

There was a great article on the web called '15 Ways to make your Home a Personal Sanctuary' - tips and advice from the writers at Cooking Light. I saved this story in my favorites as an incentive 'post-refund' to begin creating a couple of special places in my home.

The article had some great ideas, some of which I thought would prove useful when accessorizing my home in the future. Included in the list of suggestions were some basic themes:

  • Finding an Object that means something to you
  • Create Coziness
  • The Right Accents
  • Smart Layout
  • Fresh Air aka have plants...
  • Set a Mood
  • Mix it Up - the ability to use the same piece in multiple ways
  • Color Choice
  • Lighting
  • Texturize
  • No Rules

The complete listing of concepts and design images are below but many of these ideas seemed easy, affordable and flexible enough for my style and tastes.

15 Ways to Make Your Home a Personal Sanctuary

Turn your home into a personal sanctuary with tips and advice from the experts at Cooking Light

The Spend!!!

I found some of the home accessories I'd been wanting on the websites of Crate and Barrel and Room and Board, particularly some lighting and a set of comfortable chairs for my guests.

Still while looking around the web further I wandered to - a site I had previously added to my favorites as well. On this website I found a range of home accessories that would further create the sanctuary I was looking for.

The site has items that create coziness, are smartly designed, set a mood and have texture. Best of all the PRODUCTS have NO RULES.

There are beanbags and cubed seating which are un-conventional yet stylish. There are products the kids will enjoy while playing video games (with headphones of course!). There are also textures of many sorts including traditional sheepskin products, Tibetan lamb and luxurious ALPACA throws.

I enjoy quietly reading when I want to get away from a noisy world. I have now decided I want to do this activity in style and comfort. Last week, I purchased the Ivory Bean Bag Chair and a luxurious Teal Alpaca Throw with the dots pattern. I definitely felt I was ticking off a few bullet points on my 'personal oasis' hit list. The products arrived yesterday. The bean bag instantly created coziness, texture and set the mood. Spring where I live has been a bit delayed and the Alpaca throw has been the perfect accent in my 'oasis room' with its vivid color... but that being said I seem a bit like Linus in a Peanuts cartoon carrying my blanket/throw to every room in the house.

I suppose the best thing about these products is the fact they are unique and therefore it will feel nice to create a different sort of sanctuary for myself and in a way break a few RULES. Hey, it's small comfort to spend my tax refund wisely after dealing with 'The Man' aka the Tax Man.