Back to School in 2019

Fibre by Auskin's collection has the perfect back to school décor!

Fibre by Auskin can help you to make any room comfortable, luxurious and most of all a personal sanctuary to allow you to relax and reflect. A great article was posted by Angela Law explaining the many "Ways you can make your Dorm Room not look like a Dorm Room." See the article below... then keep on reading to find our recommendations on the best back to school and dorm room décor.

Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room... to Not Look Like a Dorm Room

You're about to be a bonafide adult! It's time to start living like one.
by Angela Law

Dorm rooms are funny situations. They are "temporary" dwellings that you are meant to not only spend a lot of time in, but socialize, decompress, recharge, and learn to be an adult in. How in the world are you supposed to decorate a space that's meant to meet so many conflicting scenarios?


Part of the aesthetic philosophy has to borrow from the adage: Dress for the role you want. You might be tempted to take all your stuff animals with you to college — after all, they are your ride and dies. But bringing too many aspects of your old life might hinder you from really becoming the adult you're meant to be.

So how about we compromise? How about you bring just one stuffed animal with you? For security. The others, you leave in your childhood bedroom along with the photo collage you made with your high-school besties, and your trophies, and all the other memories you'll love visiting when you're on break.

Meanwhile, this dorm room is where you discover the new you! It's where you set yourself up for awesomeness. What would the dream you want this space to look like? Of course, you're likely sharing the space with at least one other person and there are probably a lot of rules about what you can do to the walls. We took all this into account and still came up with a pretty amazing list of items you can use to personalize your dorm room. Check this out.

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The team here at Fibre By Auskin have developed some specific ideas for your child's dorm space or transforming a space at room into their favorite study space.

The Bean Bag Chair

A great spot to snuggle into and do the School or College reading. Our longwool NZ Sheepskin or Tibetan bean bags offer a wonderful place for quiet reading or book revision.



Fibre by Auskin has a variety of throw pillows, in various sizes, which transform any living space from mundane to exciting.


Natural Shaped Sheepskins

These are the perfect accent for the floor or the bed. They are versatile, and can go on any surface. The larger pieces like the Quarto create an inviting space to lie on and study on the floor, as a group.


Alpaca and Woven Wool Throws

Our luxurious throws make a wonderful personalized wrap to attack any project assigned by the teacher or the professor. Keep warm whilst studying at the computer or spread across the body while reading, these comfortable offerings make any study session a bit easier.


For more information about our luxurious natural wool products, and how they can help a school dorm room become a more cozy space, get in touch with us on or call us on 1-888-528-7546.

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