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It is always nice living in countries where there are changing seasons and with fall and winter taking its grip in the USA and Canada I just love this time of year. The colors, the warmth and crackle of fire places and traditional meals bring my family closer together. So I have been looking at Fibre By Auskin's range of products and have decided to blog about it because I think many of us with the passion for interior design will enjoy the storyline behind their products.

Firstly it is all natural, I looked into these products further and learned that AUSKIN meets all the international standards required of an ethical firm and in-line with the natural classification. I have actually touched and felt their products and there is nothing out there like it. For the price range, I have never been able to find anything out there for this kind of quality and texture. For $400 you can get a 4x6 all natural sheepskin rug in various natural color tones... your feet will simply soak into warmth, and like I tell my friends, my dog simply falls asleep like a baby! I have compared some other brands and nothing comes close to products made by Fibre By Auskin.

Cleaning has been painless also, with kids in the house and a dog, I sometimes cringe at the dirt and stains going on the rug but just a wet rag and off it comes, no problem. In fact, my dog had a fur ball the other day and choked and yup out it came on the RUG! Just got a wet rag, some mild detergent and a wire brush it was all cleaned up. No smell or stain.

The other amazing thing is I always thought WOOL would be itchy on the skin but somehow miraculously this is not the case. I can lie down for hours and have done so on my bed where the fiber is so soft and smooth - most importantly no itching! I wish I could learn more about how they do that because if garments could be made this way, people might wear wool more often!

I am going to share with you some ideas on to combine their products to create the most beautiful ambiance in any home. Going to take my dog for a walk now and be back to think about what goes with what for this fall and winter - hopefully it might help you get the home all cozy before thanksgiving.

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