Sheepskin Bean Bags

Sheepskin Bean Bags

Not just for kids anymore!

Blog by: Fiber Queen

Bean bag chairs have been around for quite some time now. They had gained quite a following during the 1970's being made with groovy fabrics and vinyls. Currently, the juvenile market has taken the beloved bean bag and has started marketing it to kids worldwide, but it isn't just for kids! Everyone, young and old, deserves the womb-like relaxation of a sheepskin bean bag.

Fibre by Auskin has taken the bean bag from kiddy cute to grown up cozy with their natural fiber bean bag chairs. It is the perfect nest to snuggle in to read your favorite book or watch television. The main challenge is, once you get inside this orb of deliciousness, it is hard to leave it! This will end up being the most cherished piece of furniture in your home!

At first I was confused on the word FIBRE... what is FIBRE? Fibre by Auskin specializes in natural fiber / fibre materials. Due to their international exposure, they spell 'fiber' as FIBRE. But either way Fibre = Natural Fibers from around the globe.

I personally believe the reason that Fibre by Auskin beanbags are the most comfortable beanbags you can own. It is because they are all natural and as such, their soft sumptuous texture cannot be matched. There is no comparison between natural fibers and a faux or synthetic bean bag.

Natural fibers are:

  • Soft to the touch, with silky textural wools.
  • Breathable - wool has the unique property to act as an insulator. It keeps your body at an even temperature and does not conduct warmth. During hot or cold weather it will keep you at a comfortable temperature. This is something that synthetics or faux cannot do.
  • Filled full with premium polystyrene bean bag beans for complete comfort. Fibre by Auskin doesn't half-fill their bean bags, which makes them perfect to sink into!
  • Fibre by Auskin's bean bags are well designed with 2 shells. They have a fabric inner shell that holds the beads and the outer sheepskin shell for comfort. This is double-wall construction making it easy to add or remove filler for you to find your perfect firmness.
  • Naturally self-cleaning. Due to the fine loose fiber of sheepskin, it's easy to keep your bean bags clean! Just get a wire-haired dog brush and brush out the bean bag for a brand new appearance, free of dust.

I had an opportunity to test drive this bean bag while traveling to the east coast and I have to say I'm hooked on Fibre. The guys at Auskin know their stuff, producing amazing home décor that embodies warmth and tactile comfort for the home. When you think of bean bags, don't let your imagination go to the kitten and bunny kiddo fabrics, think instead of the soft, luxurious, natural fiber yumminess of Fibre by Auskin.

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