Gaming... with sheepskin!

Gaming with Sheepskin

By: Fiber Queen

Well, hopefully people have read my last blog about sheepskin bean bags and my overall LOVE for them. Well... if anything, my daughter read it, and now I am in trouble! She is a gamer, and when she saw the pictures of the beanbags, she wanted one immediately as a gaming chair. Now, not being a 'gamer' myself, I wasn’t sure what a gaming chair is. I had to do my research and thought she had hit the nail on the head; it would be an awesome chair to play games in.

I then started thinking... what else would you use to play video games on? Why not sheepskins? Kids love lying on the floor! As we get older, it's harder to drag ourselves off the floor, but kids think it's one of the most comfortable spots in the home. What would be better than having a big sheepskin rug in front of the entertainment center and being comfy and cozy wrapped in the soft wools of natural hides taking out the zombie horde or building your empire?

That was it, I was buying one for my daughter, so she could test drive it! I researched sheepskin, trying to figure out what would work out for her room. I went back to (my ultimate fiber reference website) to look for the perfect rug for the kid. Her room wasn't large, but I knew I could find something she would love, then there is was...

Quarto Black Sheepskin Rug

The Quarto Black Sheepskin Rug! I knew that this was it! I had ordered it right away and couldn't wait to put it down on the floor to see what I thought. One week later, my rug arrived, so while my daughter was in class, I laid it down on the floor in her room, and let me tell you, one word...COMFORT!

The wool (a.k.a. fiber) was so extremely soft and cozy that I knew I hit it out of the ballpark. I couldn't wait for her to come home. Two hours later, I hear:

Kid: OMG mom, you bought me a sheepskin!

Me: Well I thought you could be my test subject to see if this would make your room the ULTIMATE gaming area.

Kid: Well duh, have you felt it yet?

The 'really Mom your killing me' look made me confident I had hit the mark. These days I have a hard time buying things my daughter wants so I get great satisfaction when I know I have found something she LOVES.

Over the next week, it took all my strength to remove my daughter from the rug. She moved it to the top of her bed to lie on instead of using it as a rug on the floor, and I have to say... great idea kiddo! This is now her favorite spot in the house. Whether it's playing games, doing her homework or hanging with her friends, that is now her spot, or so she thought...

Once the dog and cats found the rug, the fight was on! I didn’t think I would ever hear an argument between a human and a cat, but it was hilarious. I have to say, any family member would love this, from kids to cats, natural sheepskin rugs will be the most sought after space in the house.

Kids on Sheepskin Rug

Mom, can't you buy another sheepskin?

I poked around the internet after my purchase and found this shot of kids on a sheepskin. They are on the floor playing their games and enjoying each other's company. They are enjoying their sheepskin and playing the latest game in comfort. Funny thing though, I realized I was a Super Mom buying the quad because I have found two gamers can play in ultimate comfort on my daughter's bigger rug.

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