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Fibre by Auskin Sheepskin Bean Bags

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I follow many designs over the years for bean bags and home décor items and love the changing seasons. But I wanted to talk about the bean bag by Auskin. No one really knows this but the Auskin bean bag is made from sheepskin. The entire bag is a leather product with natural fibers designed as an adult chair! Now most bean bags are made from faux or synthetic material and yes Target and Pottery Barn may be selling them for a lot cheaper but it is a bit like having a Toyota for a car vs a BMW.

You will see from their online store www.fibrebyauskin.com that the bean bags are priced at $1200.00. So this is a bag not just for anyone, you have got to have the money to spend on this luxury item. Question: is it worth it? Well, here is my personal experience with this bean bag.

The touch and feel of it

Touching the processed sheepskin by Auskin is super soft, it is luxury for your skin and body. I mean if you sink your toes into one of their sheepskin rugs, you simply indulge your toes in heavenly softness. I have seen people with sensitive skin not react to the fiber material as well. Sheepksin has a tendency to have connotations of making your skin itch but this one has been made in such a way that all you have to do is sit in it and the last thing you want to do is get out of it. Your body just sinks into it and I guess you could say this bean bag is "hypoallergenic". Of course the manufacturers can't admit to this but I have seen this as a real life thing... of course if you are allergic and know you are not going to have the same positive reaction, stay away from this material.

The look of it

It is termed a large bean bag measured at about 3'. Is it bulky? Not really. It may be a feature item for a loft or apartment but a perfect chair size in a larger living room type setting. In fact you could almost have two of them in a standard size living room to compliment your sofa set.

Is it suitable for all seasons?

Yes, absolutely. Did you know sheepskin keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter? When I found this out, it was just perfect. Here is a natural product, fur or fiber-based, all natural that you can use all year round. I actually have had mine out on my patio during warmer days and it has been great to just lounge in a bean bag that simply oozes comfort in any position you end up sitting.

What about cleaning the bean bag?

Being a natural fiber it is easy cleaning because it is self-cleaning. Lets say you drop some wine on it. Spot clean it with gentle soap and water. If you drop food and there is a stain, try the same thing. At the end of the day spotting and stains stay if it is not dealt with on the spot. I have had this experience and spot cleaning works just fine. I would not use harsh materials such as bleach-based product on the bean bags.

Can it fit two people?

Well for the most part it depends on your size. It really is great for parent and child to share but couples who can fit into one certainly have a great snuggle and add a Baby Alpaca Throw into the mix, you could almost watch a movie together in the bean bag and possible doze off - it really is that comfortable. But here is a better idea: to get a his and hers bean bag, either the same color or different and put them side by side. Have a glass of wine each and some appetizers on a Friday night, perfect bliss for a nice relaxing evening. Luxury in a bean bag.

At the end of the day, there are thousands of bean bag choices out there but I have fallen in love with the Auskin bean bag because of the luxury it brings to my home. It really is an outstanding product and I think both comfort and luxury for my busy lifestyle are two things that mean a lot on an everyday basis. Happy shopping with Fibre By Auskin and if you want to know anything else about Fibre by Auskin, just send in your questions.

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