Scandinavian Interior Design

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There are many interior design looks out there these days; ultra-contemporary, traditional and modern to name a few. The newest trend is the laid-back clean look of the Scandinavian interior. Accenting this new trend are Icelandic sheepskins. These are known for their large size, soft leather and very long and shaggy wool.

These hides, rugs and pillows add a softer texture to the crisp look of the Nordic design. There are even retail stores that specialize in strictly Scandinavian furniture and accessories. When looking for the beautiful hides associated with this design, look no further than Fibre by Auskin.

They have carefully chosen the best hides that the Arctic region of Europe has to offer. Most of their rugs are natural in color, without dyeing, to keep the natural beauty of the wool color. They are multi-colored and so incredibly soft! If you are looking to add some zest to your room, try adding a touch of Scandinavian luxury and see the beauty emerge in your room.

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